How do I take care of our tote?

Make sure to remove it from the curb after it has been emptied. Keep the lid closed. You are responsible for lost, stolen or damaged totes. Rinse out the tote with a garden hose as needed. 

Do you take bulk items?

We do take bulk items. Just give us a call and arrange for pick up! We charge accordingly!

What is not allowed in our garbage?

1. Tires
2. Yard waste
3. Automobile batteries
3. Concrete
4. Oil
5. If you have paint, please take the lid off and put kitty litter in it to dry it out. Leave the lid off so we can verify that it is dry
6. Ashes
7. Construction debris in excess. Please call if you have some and we will let you know what you can put out.
8. Hazardous waste

What are your prices based on?

All of our prices are based on a 32-35 gallon customer-provided garbage bag. We offer one to eight bag services.

Do you offer referral credits?

If you refer someone to us and they become a customer, then you will receive 10 dollars off your next bill (as long as they pay their bill). Make sure you tell them to let us know!!!

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