We would love to have you join the Select Sanitation family of satisfied customers. Here's a little bit more about our company, our family and our commitment to you!

Select Sanitation opened for business in 2003. It was started by Dan and Deb Piasecki. Following their retirement, Brian and Bernadette (Dan and Deb's daughter) Meyer.

Brian and Bernadette both grew up in Swanton. Brian went to Liberty Center schools and Bernadette went to Swanton schools. One year Bernadette did open enrollment and chose to attend Liberty Center. She met Brian because her bus stop happened to be at Brian's house. Their paths crossed many more times it was true love! They were married in 2007.

They built their home in Swanton and now have two girls. Both attend Liberty Center and keep the familiy very busy with sports, girl scouts and church. The family also has two crazy German Shepherds. They are big puppies and unfortunately like to jump and play, so if you stop by the house you will probably see Bernadette trying to calm them down.

That's a little bit about us but know that we love to hear from you. Our customers are truly a family and we care about what happens with all of you!

We truly appreciate each and every one of our customers. We thank you for choosing us and the referrals and nice things you have to say! If you aren't currently a customer of ours, give us a call! We would love to have your join our Select Sanitation family.

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